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In the interest of professionalism, I have decided to close my Weasyl and SoFurry account along with a "Purge" of all bad art from the various websites I'm on. This includes alot of my older pieces: but at the end of the day: furaffinity will be the last Furry site I am active on. 

This is not the fault of any of you or the community: however as you may notice, alot of my newer pieces have a new watermark on them. This is because I am trying to spread my roots in the game industry. This requires me to uphold a certain image of myself. I love the furry community, I realy do, but the way we see the furry community is not the way others see it. As the end of the day we will always be viewed as sick sexual deviants that like to fuck in animal costumes by the common man.

I will still upload pinup art from time to time, but it must be taken in stride with professionalism. I have an image to uphold now and I need to present myself professionally. Anything remotely sexual/risque will only be uploaded here and maybe deviant-art. I know alot of you are probably not going to be fond of these changes, and I understand completely if it's your prerogative to leave: I wont hold it against you, but you are going to see alot less pinup art from me. I know its not what you signed up for, but I hope you all will come to accept what I have in store for this account.
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January 22, 2016


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